was the eldest daughter of Demon Clan Head Navarus, and Serin's older sister. She was chosen as the original successor of Demon Head; sadly her untimely death made Serin the new successor. Astarote was killed wielding Depore.


Astarote and Serin share a few similarities- they both possess green cat-like eyes with the cat- styled designs at the corners of their eyes. Astarote had long white hair and was often seen wearing white dresses. She is shown in a wedding dress in Immortal Regis - a similar-looking dress is worn by Serin in Cavalier of the Abyss. A brief picture of her donning the Urvis school uniform is shown.


Astarote was a powerful magic wielder, but was humble about her powers, she never boasted of her strength. She was Serin's role model growing up, and always showed Serin special attention. It is uncertain if she knew about the other clan members cruel words regarding Serin, but Astarote always told Serin to be strong. Astarote is shown as mature for her age, she acted as a mother figure towards a young Serin. She had a cheerful demeanor as she is often shown smiling in scans, and telling an upset Serin to cheer up when she was about to leave to get married. Her lack of presence still haunts both Serin and Navarus.


Immortal RegisEdit

Astarote was beloved by everyone for her strength and wisdom. She was a happy individual and worked hard to promote the Demon Clan's popularity and military strength. Many people lamented over her death, and Serin is still insecure of herself whenever Astarote is mentioned, and she continously wishes she had been killed instead of Astarote. The older sister kept a close watch over a young Serin. When Astarote was to leave Navarus's household to wed, Serin breaks down crying. Astarote pleads with Serin to come back home and be happy in Astarote's good luck in finding love, upon seeing her sister's cheerful face Serin willingly agrees. Sadly, this is the last happy memory of Astarote shown, as the next time Astarote is shown, she has been placed in a coffin still wearing her wedding dress. The power of Depore had proved too strong for her to control.

Cavalier of the AbyssEdit

Astarote is briefly shown asking a young Serin why she loves the story of Nex. Serin comments she finds him admirable and inquires as to whether he existed. Astarote is stumped by her question, but quickly recovers to reply that the legend is not certain, but many believe Nex's story is a prophecy of what will happen in the future.

This childhood memory is what prompts Serin to christen Jae Hyuk the demon name Regis Nex upon the ceremony of naming him Regis of Chaos.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Diffor Magnasetia: At one point, Astarote possessed Diffor; however, she was killed by the Demon Stone's power, and it was locked up afterwards.