Brass is a former comrade of Infinity's and Hekarloth's.


Brass has unruly dark hair and a scruffy beard. He wears a loose brown jacket and dress pants.


Brass doesn't play games with the teenagers, and hates it when people give him attitude. He has a unique relationship with Depore- he humbly bows before her as though welcoming a queen, then sticks a penny up his nose for her to remember his identity. Brass isn't the type of guy to care what others think and chooses to do his own thing.


Brass is briefly shown napping inside the Tower of Soul-wrenching Agony. He awakens when Depore saves Jae-Hyuk from Vegas. When Jae-Hyuk and Owen are trapped by Vega's fake teleporter, Brass saves them because he wishes to see who Depore's wielder is. Owen begins attacking Brass, who transform him into an old man out of annoyance (Owen stays in this form throughout the remaining series). He becomes more annoyed when Jae-Hyuk steps in to battle him; however, when Jae-Hyuk uses dark claw, Brass is astonished that Jae-Hyuk is a 'negative' energy user. He offers to teach the boy how to control his powers after learning they are both Infinity's students. After Brass explains that everything the undead had been taught at school was useless, since the majority of students were 'postive' energy users, Jae-Hyuk contemplates taking the man up on his offer. Depore begins to taunt Jae-Hyuk on his limited powers. Brass bows to her and says it has been too long since they worked together, she doesn't remember him until he sticks a sillion up his nose-a trick he did to amuse her in his youth.

Brass teaches Jae-Hyuk that in order for him to grow stronger he has to use his abilities as an undead. A summoning is called down by Brass for Jae-Hyuk to battle, while Jae-Hyuk is tossed around like a doll he yells out different tactics on how to beat the beast. When the beast is finally destroyed, a rift appears in the flow of dimension between Jae-Hyuk's powers and Serin's (who was also in the Tower dueling Rukreitus). Depore manages to use Jae-Hyuk's powers to strike at Serin and close the opening out of jealously. Brass is surprised by her emotional outburst and mentally comments that it is surprising on how fast she is developing emotions.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit