General information
Name Hekaloth
Gender Male
Affiliation Vision Clan
Status Unknown

Hekaloth (also translated as Helkarlot, Hekalroth, and Hekalrose) is the Head of the Vision Clan.


Hekaloth has long, light-colored hair and a fair complexion. His eyes are constantly covered by a mask of some sort.


Hekaloth is cool and composed, rarely ever showing any emotion. He is unafraid of using others in order to further his own goal, the preservation of Chaos, as seen when he ties down Jae Hyuk to use as a bait for Caladbolg.

That said, all of his actions revolve around preserving Chaos, a goal similar to Infinity's.



We will have to live forever with this burden. Look at what we have done.

Hekaloth was one of the three responsible for Noche and the Blood of the Four Hundred, alongside Infinity and Brass. They believed that Noche would be the best way to get rid of Caladbolg, unaware that human undeads were the best vessels for the Magic Stone. Noche destroyed Chaos even more, and the three were devastated by this turn of events.

The three became infamous for this event, as seen when other leaders rebuke them for continuing their plan to destroy Caladbolg. However, unlike the other two, he remained in a position of power, whereas they became almost hermit-like.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hekaloth has been shown with a rather wide range of abilities, although many of them were only referenced to, background events, or implied.

Fortuna Libra: As the leader of the Vision Clan, he has been blessed by Fortuna.

Fortune-Telling: Hekaloth has the ability to see the future. Diffor states that "his prophecies are absolute," although he had also told Jae Hyuk that fate can be changed.
Fortune-Changing: Hekaloth is able to change the future, but at the cost of his life span. He is presumably only able to do it once, and he changed Jae Hyuk's future, giving him Diffor.

Healing: Hekaloth is a rather strong healer, as Infinity, who has healing capabilities of her own, had him heal Serin when they escaped Ren.

Time Stopping: Hekaloth displayed the ability to stop time temporarily, long enough to hold a conversation with Jae Hyuk.

Barrier Breaking: When he and Infinity confronted Navarus about Semek, Navarus notes that Hekaloth is the reason why his barrier did not work.