Iffrita Noah

Iffríta Noah Jovem

is a member of the Noah Clan and is Nex's wife. She is the mother of Ninurrta and Miya Noah.


Iffrita has long light blue hair and purple eyes. She has two horns that sprout from her head.

Teenager: Iffrita wore modest clothing until asked by her father to seduce Jae-Hyuk. Her clothing becomes more provacative and continues into adulthood (hoping to gain Nex's attention). In her teen years, her clothing was white and symobolic to an angel. Her face was more happy and relaxed, after learning the truth of her mother's death, her eyes became vacant and her expression stern.

Adult: Iffrita's clothing is severly dark in contrast to her teenage angelic outfits. The dark symbolism is structured to show not only her personality has darkened, but her clothing, too. She looks weary since she realizes she is not number one in Nex's heart.


Iffrita used to be a sweet, loving person until memories of her mother's execution resurfaced. Her personality severly darkens after she recalls the past and comes to acknowledge that until Serin is removed Nex will never notice her. She becomes manipulative and cruel. Her cruelty increases as an adult that she lashes out on those who anger her, especially Shao Shao. She dotes on Nex and only notices him to the point she hardly acknowledges her children. She is always anxious since she is slowly realizing that her trickery into becoming queen is slowly beginning to get figured out.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit