Just is an Undead who was brought in by Navarus, claiming to be Nex's true son. His true identity is the demon, Ouroboros.


Just's appearance strongly resembles a teenage Jae-Hyuk. This appearance was chosen to help with the conspiracy of him being Serin's son. However, Just's smiles and easy-going attitude are all a facade. He is rather creepy and demonic in appearance whenever he chooses to show his twisted side.

An interesting fact is that Ouroboros implanted himself into a recently deceased commoner to become the human-looking Just. Just is the demon called Ouroboros, his demonic appearance is shown in glances throughout the manga. Whenever he exhibits the demonic powers his eyes develop slits and his face takes on a jack-o-lantern appearance.


Just is a prankster and loves to antagonize others on their fears, his favorite person to antagonize is Ninuurta who fears not being Nex's heir. Just is cruel and sadistic, he finds joy in causing others pain. Just is great at manipulation, he appears charming and easy-going, all of this is a facade to keep his true identity as Ouroboros hidden. Just is a comcial character and loves to annoy people. He is good at motivating people to take action by planting seeds of doubt into their heads.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Osky: Just/Ouroboro's creator. Just is not fond of Osky and shows great disdain to the man claiming he is Ouroboro's father. Osky is fearful of Ouroboros after it is shown he holds little control over his creations, his creations tend to desire killing him, including Just. Just holds more power than Osky and is quick to mention this in his creator's presence.

Ninurrta Noah: Just loves to sadistically torment Ninurrta on his self-doubts of being Nex's son. Just loves to begin by acting as a silly individual who proclaims himself as Ninurrta's older brother. After his proclaims, he changes to tormenting Ninurrrta, going as far to increase his doubts by showing him an imprisoned Serin. Just considers all his actions toward Ninurrta a game in a greater scheme of events.

Nex: Just tries to worm his way into the Regis' heart by saying he is Serin's son and only wishes to gain his father's love. Nex is quick to pick up on his insincerity, and tells Just he is aware the youth is up to something. Just deems Nex a worthy challenger since he is one of the few characters who can see Just for what he trule is.

Navarus: Demon Clan Head who signed the contract to attain Ouroboros, who claimed a dead body to become Just. Navarus wishes to use Just as a way to regain the throne and save his imprisoned daughter, Serin. He hopes that if people believe Just is the true son then the Noah family will be removed from court.