Ninurrta is the crowned prince of Immecca, and is the son of Iffrita Noah. His father is believed to be either Nexus Nex or Mikhail noah.

The crowned prince is in his late teens. Ninurrta has waist-length, light blue hair and purple eyes. He has two horns that sprount on his head. He is noted by some of the females for his handsomeness. Ninurrta has a muscular physique from training. He is seen wearing a long black cloak over black pants.

Ninurrta is a troubled teenager who hides his self-doubts behind the masks of pride and self-compsure. However, he secretly wishes to be acknowledged by his supposed father Nex. Nex has always ignored Ninurrta's presence causing the teenager isolation and wonders whether he has ever been truly loved by his parents- his mother only sees Ninurrta as a means of staying queen. His hestitation and cowardliness cause problems to begin when he flees the Seal testing ceremony out of fear he is not the true crowned prince. His impatience is seen various times in the story; he cannot sit still and is quick to rush out to find answers, but he is not impulsive like Xix, his rival. While Xix jumps into battle without thinking, Ninurrta observes his opponents before rushing into battle.