Magic Stone Nirvana belonged to the Magic Clan, and was under Mahadevi's ownership.


Nirvana has medium length blonde hair, she is seen wearing a black dress.


Nirvana pretends to follow only Mahdevi's orders, but her true loyalities lies with Caladbolg. She isn't hesitant to murder for Caladbolg, but shows little mindpower of her own, she lives to please her master.


When Nirvana is introduced, she is reassuring Mahadevi about all her plans will be achieved if she waits in patience. The Mahou Clan leader had trust in the magic stone and is seen sharing her hopes for the future. When Nirvana asks what will happen when one of Mahadevi's children becomes Regis, she finds Mahadevi's statement about one will die for the purpose of helping the other become Regis too be very cold. Nirvana pretends to share in the excitement of Mahadevi's false belief the Mahou Clan will achieve greatness after taking control of Caladborg; Nirvana wishes for Caladborg to awaken and doesn't care who will die for his rebirth to happen.

After Ren is possessed by Caladborg, Nirvana grows more excited as her plan begins to unfoil. While Mahadevi was distraught over the destruction of Ren, Nirvana is overjoyed because she knew officially her master had finished combining souls with Jae-Hoon. She quickly kills Mahadevi and kidnaps Jae-Hoon, proclaiming him as her master. She opens a door leading to Earth and revives Rukreitus long enough to sidetrack Jae-Hyuk from stopping their leave. She tells the group to prepare for the destruction of Chaos, once Caladborg has regained full control of his powers, as the door closes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit