Noche was an Undead who became Caladbolg's host at one point, causing the infamous massacre of four hundred men. He was also Depore's master.


Noche is not shown entirely in flashbacks, he usually has a demonic appearance with shadows that cover most of his build. His face is kept in the shadows with only bright white spots used for where his eyes are located and fangs to help give the impression of a demon.His clothing consisted of a long black robe, with two strands crossed over his partially revealed torso. He is shown to have long dark hair and a muscular build. In the 5th volume, his full appearance is given. He is a tall, handsome young man who seemed to have once been a well-polished, serene individual. After losing control, his appearance becomes more haggard and grissly looking.

(Before his descent into madness, it is noted he has a striking resemblance to Nex).


Before going insane, Noche was a calm, serene individual. He was in love with Depore and wished to erase her loneliness. He seemed to have gotten along well with his friends:Infinity, Hekalroth, and Brass- who still are agonized for being the catalysts for his destruction four hundred years later.

After Caladborg's possession, Noche goes insane and is quick to massacre innocents for his own amusement and to test his new found powers. His feelings of love towards Depore are replaced with the growing need to gain power.


Noche was an undead human who worked with Brass, Infinity, and Hekalroth. The four worked together to try making Noche into the Regis of Chaos by fusing his soul with Caladborg. Noche was in love with his magical stone Depore and wished to erase her loneliness. They all made a grave mistake by fusing together Noche with the all-powerful Caladborg. Caladborg quickly causes Noche to go mad and begin murdering innocents, they reluctantly have to assassinate Noche for the well-being of Chaos.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit