Ren is the servant to Latique, the heiress of the Mahou (Magic) Clan.

Ren has medium length pink hair, and lavender colored eyes. She is petite in stature compared to her master, Latique. Ren is the more feminine one between the two Mahou members. Ren wears a short black dress that is checkered pattern near the bottom, and has white underdress beneath the black portion to cover her breasts and thigh portions. She wears two black long-sleeved gloves that have white cuffs near the top. Ren has vine-patterned tattooes across various places of her body.

Ren is quiet and meek compared to Latique, who is boastful. Ren is very submissive and only follows orders by her master. She has no hestitation in putting herself in harm's way for Latique. After Latique's death, Ren begins to grow addicted to her new found powers and is quick to submit herself to Caladborg.

Ren is shown observing Jae-Hyuk's imprisonment with Latique. When he is sent to the Soul-wenching Tower of Agony, the two Mahou members appear to stop monsters that had cornered Jae-Hyuk. Latique orders Ren to destroy the monsters, which she does with her summoning skills, Jae-Hyuk is dumbfounded by her magical abilities.

Ren follows Latique throughout the Tower observing the other participants' battles. When Latique challenges Serin, Ren stays on the sidelines until Latiques demands a fushion. Ren easily goes through the first two fushions, but pleads for her own safety not to attempt the third. Latique coldly dismisses Ren's pleas, and reminds Ren that her only use is serving until Latique becomes Regis (A flashback of Ren being beaten and reprimanded by a warrior for her weakness are shown. Latique is quick to tell the warrior to kill Ren since weakness isn't a desired trait). Going back to the present, Ren reasserts herself that her only use in life is serving Latique and performs the final fushion in transforming Latique into a dragon warrior. The final fushion proves disfective and ends up causing Latique's death. Latique reveals to Ren, as she dies, why Ren's powers were sealed in childhood and her harsh treatment was due to jealously, of learning by Fortuna in their childhood, Ren would live to become Regis, while Latique would die. Ren weeps over the lost of her friend by Sophia and Rukreitus. During this same time, Serin's power is quickly diminishing by Rukreitus's power. Right as her shield is broken, Ren steps in and stops both of their attacks simutaneously. While Sophia is in the middle of taunting, Ren discovers her enjoyment of her returning power and is quick to use these new powers to kill Sophia. Ren then calls to Caladborg to take her as its servant.

Ren, now using the powers of Caladborg, is quick to begin destroying anything challenging her. When Navarus sents his warships to try destroying the threat, Ren appears and begins to decimate them. She then proclaims herself as the future Regis of Chaos.