A man that was after the king's magic stone at the Tower of Soul-wenching agony with his followers.

The man wore black pants, a sports styled jacket over a vest. He had short black hair.

He was rather arrogant in speech and believed he would steal Depore without any problems.

The man took down some of the Enforcer guards keeping atach over the Tower's entrance. He appears before Jae-Hyuk and Owen on the Tower's second level and begins to duel them straight away after killing the level's gate guardian. When they attempt running away, Vega uses magic to trap them in place. Owen's magic manages to save them. Vegas tricks them into belieiving a portal had appeared to save them when it actuallity it was created to trap them. While he is preoccupied with trying to figure out what went wrong, another gate-keeper appears and slaughters his men. This gate-keeper is too powerful and easily murders him