Yongje Yuan is Ninurrta's fiance and a member of the Serpent Clan.


Yuan has long green hair, her hair shorter in the front with side bangs. Yuan is known for wearing either princess style garments or her warrior outfits that are rather on the provocative side. A running joke in the series is how her body does not match with her child-like face.


Yuan is polite and modest in her attitude (though her outfits do not match the modesty she exhibits), she is easily flustered with how Xix and Osky often hide underneath her skirt when trying to avoid an enemy. Yuan is easily embarrassed when asked about her feelings on Xix. She sticks up for herself in tough situations, but is a better mage than warrior. Yuan appears as a righteous princess at the beginning of the manga, this is toned down to show how she is tolerant of those different from her. She acts courteous to commoners and does not use her title against them.She chooses to help others even in difficult situations which gets her into life-threatening situations.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Ninurrta Noah: Yuan's fiance, the two get along but do not show romantic feelings towards one another.

Xix: The two had a rocky start when Xix made Yuan a hostage to get close to Nex. Yuan showed great disdain towards Xix until later in the series where her feelings go from friendly respect to romantic. Both teenagers are easily flustered when other characters make it aware they know the two have mutual feelings towards one another. Xix becomes protective of Yuan, making himself a self-appointed knight.